5 Partnership Pillars

5 Pillars to focus on to create a Regenerative Culture

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

We believe that there are 5 key pillars we should focus on to guide us towards creating a Regenerative Culture:

Our 1st Pillar is Measuring.  At Xchange Connexion we’re constantly thinking about the future – both for ourselves and Future Society.

We‘ve developed reporting systems that measure our current behaviour culture.  It means we can share key recommendations to our partners to accelerate their individual, and our collective, transition to a Regenerative Culture.  We also use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure we’re all working towards the same goals – locally and globally.

Our 2nd Pillar is Commitment to the Journey. We recognise that we can’t create a simple plan for regenerative living and implement it within a predetermined time frame.

This is because the state of the future changes all the time.  We will need to keep finding new ways of dealing with current and future challenges.

Xchange Connexion and our partners are in this for the long haul. It’s an ongoing project that we’ll continue to learn from and adapt as we make progress toward a better future for all of us.

Our 3rd Pillar is Governance. In order for our partnership to succeed, we must have good governance. It assures that maladministration and corruption are minimized, the views of minorities are taken into account and that the voices of the most vulnerable in society are heard in decision-making. It is also responsive to the present and future needs of society.

Our 4th Pillar is Social Equality and Inclusivity: We believe that diversity, inclusion, and belonging are crucial elements of any successful society. We’re committed to creating a space where everyone feels included and respected.

Our 5th Pillar is Environmental Restoration & Regeneration. Sadly, the biggest catastrophe to the natural world is humanity.

As a result of our actions, we have put our own survival at risk and we need to start doing everything we can to change our actions and reverse the consequences. For current and future society!

Through our Partnership Ecosystems, we learn what we need to do to restore our World while our Program Ecosystems empower all of us to get involved in implementing the changes needed.