Environmental Restoration and Regeneration


”The Truth is: The Natural World is changing, and we are totally dependent on that World.
It provides our food, water and air.
It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.”
– David Attenborough



We believe that there are 5 key pillars we should focus on to guide us towards creating a Regenerative Culture: Environmental Restoration and Regeneration Is our 5th Pillar.

Humanity is dependent on Earth for our own survival. Yet, we do not seem to see the connection between our lifestyle and behaviour choices on our environment, and ultimately ourselves.

It’s time to Reimagine, Everything, about our relationship with the Earth.

Imagine if every time we went to buy something, we asked ourselves: Will I do any damage to the Earth or others if I use it?

  • Do I know where it comes from?
  • Do I know who made it?
  • Do I know how it was made?
  • Do I know how it was transported to the shelf in the shop?
  • Do I know where it will go when I am finished with it?

Imagine if every time we turned the electricity on, we asked ourselves:

  • Am I damaging the air quality by using my electricity?
  • I am harming the Earth by using my electricity?
  • Am I supporting dangerous work conditions for someone so I can have my electricity?

Imagine if every time we used a product in our water, we asked ourselves:

  • Will I damage the water quality if I use this product?
  • Will I harm water-life when I dispose of this product?

These questions, and many more, are the ones every human being should be asking themselves BEFORE they purchase or use anything.

When we do this, we will soon start to realise the interconnectedness between our lifestyle choices and the health and wellbeing of the Earth and our environment.

In order to thrive, the Earth needs healthy ecosystems. These ecosystems rely on a complex web of plants and animals – even bacteria and fungi. Each of these interact, directly or indirectly, with each other. Harm to the one, causes harm to the whole. Which directly affects humans.

Over the next 9 years, the choices we make in our lives, homes and businesses will define the future for humans. So let’s ask the questions we need to, and learn the answers we need to know to make better choices. Because the stability of our Earth, and our entire Future depends on each of us doing so.

“The earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry

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