#GreenUpSouthAfrica Campaign

A call for action to restore and celebrate the value of people, things and our World.

We’re exploring South Africa’s plastic and non-reusable material usage, promoting reduced consumption, improved waste disposal and sustainable packaging.   Through collaboration with bin pickers, recyclers, nonprofits, businesses and government, we’re reshaping waste habits for a sustainable future.  Reimagining everything for fairness, sustainability, and stakeholder viability.


  1. Learning to value things, people and places:  Recognising and placing value on the significance of people and things in our lives has the power to transform our World into a better place.
  2. Rethinking what we need and use:  In nature, nothing is wasted.  One organism’s waste becomes another’s resource.  Excessive human production waste threatens the planet and future generations.  It’s time to rethink our habits and strive for a waste-free system.
  3. Mastering Recycling: Collaborating with all recycling stakeholders, including families, bin divers, recycling businesses, and government tenders, to redesign our recycling systems.

    Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) figures show that South Africans generate at least 122 million tonnes of waste per year, and only 10% is recycled or recovered for other uses.  That means that at least 90% goes to landfill or is dumped illegally.

  4. Tackling the E-Waste Crisis: Minimising our electronic impact by responsibly recycling e-waste and donating old devices, to reduce our environmental impact. 
  5. Discovering South Africa’s Hidden Green Gold:  South Africa’s informal ‘waste pickers’ uncover lost wealth in our landfills, saving millions of rands yearly. We’re reassessing our green economy potential  and calling for safe, dignified jobs at grassroots, community and organisational levels.

    Recently, the Pretoria-based Council for Scientific and Industrial Research estimated that reclaimers save South African municipalities about R750 million a year.

  6. Improving Food Waste Management: Developing creative and regenerative approaches to reduce food waste in landfills. 

New CSIR Study reveals 45% of available food supply in South Africa is wasted.