Building a Greener, Cleaner, Safer and more Resilient South Africa

Our R.E.Generation Program aims to transform South Africa through collaborative partnerships.  Our business patrons support us in driving positive change and creating sustainable solutions that make South Africa a greener, cleaner, safer and more resilient place to live and work in.

Our Objectives:

1. Creating Community Infrastructure:  Our projects aim to develop robust infrastructure that fosters growth and enhances the resilience of our communities.

2. Fostering Environmental Responsibility: We promote eco-consciousness and sustainable practices that preserve South Africa’s natural resources and help create jobs in the Green Economy.

3. Promoting Innovation and Collaboration: By bridging the gap between businesses and communities, we foster innovation, cooperation and knowledge-sharing to develop impactful projects.

Support the R.E.Generation Program

R.E.Generation Program Patrons

Legacy Leaver Patrons

As a business partner, you have the opportunity to become a R.E.Generation Program Patron and support our mission of creating sustainable change.


  • Recognition as a patron on our website.
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with like-minded organisations.
  • Opportunities to contribute expertise to ongoing initiatives.
  • Regular updates on project developments.
  • Sponsor specific projects aligned with your organisation’s values.

Our Legacy Leaver Patrons know that participating in the R.E.Generation Program is the first step to creating lasting and sustainable change in South Africa.  They go a step further by making a monthly contribution of at least R350 towards our projects through our funding partner, Sharing Our Ubuntu Legacy Western Cape Trust (SOUL).


  • Donations qualify for S18A certificates
  • Engage with local communities through volunteering.
  • Recognition as a donor partner on SOUL’s website.

Email to learn more about patronage opportunities and discover the positive impact your business can make.

Join us and be a catalyst for sustainable change in South Africa.