Partners and Programs

Goal 17: Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development – because no one country, organisation or person can realise the SDGs alone.

In 2015, 193 United Nations Member States, including South Africa, adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Agenda has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is a commitment to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development world-wide by 2030, ensuring “no one will be left behind”.

We need as many countries, individuals and organisations as possible to partner and work together towards a shared vision, guided by a values-based way of working, to realise the SDGs by 2030.


The value of Partnership Ecosystems

Partnership Ecosystems allow partners to focus on co-creating value for themselves and the whole; whilst ensuring that end-to-end collaborative solutions are a priority.

Partnering is only one pathway to realising the SDGs. Societal and institutional behavioural changes are needed if the 2030 commitments and climate goals are to be achieved. The underlying foundation to successful partnership ecosystems includes:

  • Commitment from partners to align their values and build trust;
  • Partners being willing to track their performance;
  • A data-centric approach that partners can use to see what is working and what is not; and
  • Making necessary adjustments to ensure each partner can evolve by working together towards the shared vision.

Impact of COVID on the SDGs

During the COVID Pandemic, Xchange Connexion partners quickly realised the value of our partnership ecosystems with the W71CT COVID-19 Disaster Response Program Partnership.

Businesses, non-profits and communities alike had to, and are still having to, respond quickly to unpredicted, and often unprecedented, challenges and demands. As climate change worsens and the impact of COVID continues, the need for strong partnership ecosystems will increase. A recent Accenture survey revealed that “76% of business leaders surveyed agree current business models will be unrecognizable in the next five years — ecosystems will be the main change agent.”