17 Global Goals for us to realise by 2030

Partnerships and Programs are crucial to implementing Regenerative Ubuntu and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Collaboration helps reach common goals, use resources more efficiently and find effective solutions.  SDG17 focuses on fostering partnerships among countries, communities and organisations to address issues like climate change, wildlife conservation, and universal access to food, shelter, clean water and healthcare. 

Cooperation is the key to successfully achieving the other 16 SDGs!

The Role of Partnerships & Programs

At Xchange Connexion, we’re passionate about partnerships that bring citizens, businesses, governments and NGOs  together to strengthen our communities and make them more resilient. 

During the COVID Pandemic, Xchange Connexion and our partners realised the value of the partnership ecosystems we’d built pre-COVID.  Because of them, we were able to quickly put in place the W71CT COVID-19 Disaster Response Program to support 500 marginalised households with a meal a day for 20 weeks during South Africa’s hard-lockdown.

As climate change worsens, the impact of COVID and other pandemics continue, wars and conflicts increase, the need for strong partnership ecosystems will increase.

A recent Accenture survey revealed that “76% of business leaders surveyed agree current business models will be unrecognizable in the next five years — partnership ecosystems will be the main change agent.”

Our Program Partnerships


R.E.Generation Goals Program

R.E.Generation Xchange Program

We invite families and organizations to help achieve a waste-free South Africa by 2030.

Join our 28-Day Challenge, focused on eco-friendly habits and regenerative thinking. By participating, you’ll contribute to a cleaner environment and raise awareness for sustainable practices to ensure a better future.

Our R.E.Generation Goals Program is for families, communities and organisations who are ready to make small changes in their daily lives that will have big impacts in our World. 

Through storytelling, games and challenges, this Program inspires and motivates positive actions and mindful choices.

Millions live below the poverty line and need support to realise fundamental Global Goals.

We’ve partnered with Sharing Our Ubuntu Legacy Western Cape Trust (SOUL) to develop the R.E.Generation Xchange Program to enable marginalised South Africans to participate in the Global Goals movement.