The COVID-19 Crisis: a Once-in-a-generation Opportunity

The COVID-19 Crisis: A once-in-a-generation opportunity to do away with old systems, redesign them and build new, better possibilities.

The arrival of COVID-19 fundamentally changed our World, and our lives. Highlighting just how interconnected we are as humans, with our global personal and business relationships, our economies and our supply chains. Opening our eyes to the vulnerabilities we share because of our interconnectedness. Exposing the extreme social inequalities that exist. Shaking our trust – in our future, our leaders, our current global culture and way of doing things.

COVID-19 – and all the knock-on challenges that came with it – brought about unprecedented global challenges for us all to respond to with the greatest sense of urgency. This urgency forced the breaking down of several long-standing relationship issues and development hurdles – between countries and between the different sectors of government, academia, civil society and for-profit.

COVID-19 gave us ‘cause to pause’, and rethink things.

The COVID-19 Crisis may have effectively given us the best opportunity we’ll ever have to rethink and redesign everything from the ground up.

We’re in a new era – in new unchartered territories. It all sounds rather cliched but the fact is, many are coming out of Lockdown rethinking, redesigning, rebuilding their lives, their businesses, their communities. Both because they have to in order to survive, or because they know they need to if they want to thrive.

Xchange Connexion has been working on partnerships to build resilient, sustainable communities since 2016, now it’s time for all of us to recognise – resilient, sustainable communities are not enough. We need to build resilient, regenerative communities. And to do that, we need to make changes on an individual and global level.

As we move forwards, each of us needs to acknowledge:

  • We’re all interconnected to the whole – to each other and our World. A threat to any part of the whole affects every other part as well.
  • We’ve all got a part to play in realising a better future for all of us. When everyone works together, everyone benefits; the success of one is the success of all.
  • Our current global culture is unsustainable and destructive and we need to change it.
  • We are vulnerable. COVID-19 was a wake-up call as to why we need to work together to be prepared for when another global crisis comes about.

The way forward

Collaborating more effectively. COVID-19 highlighted the need for countries, governments, organisations and communities to work together towards recovery. Xchange Connexion will continue advocating and developing partnership ecosystems that create sound solutions to challenges we face.

Building trust through transparency. A recent study from Transparency International’s Health Initiative brought together worldwide evidence of corruption at the point of service delivery during the pandemic, highlighting how it led to lower accessibility and quality of healthcare services. A lack of transparency in the allocation of resources – during a crisis or in day-to-day practice – is positively associated with corruption. Corruption weakens the efficiency of crisis responses. In an increasingly uncertain world, where challenges and disasters exist, eradicating corruption is key to ensuring better preparedness for crises responses.

Xchange Connexion, together with our partners, are committed to working with like-minded, progressive partners to work with as we build a resilient, regenerative World – one community at a time.

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