The Future Ready World Network

Creating simple, innovative solutions to solve our social, environmental and economic challenges.

Xchange Connexion is on a mission to build cohesive, resilient communities that work together to address today’s challenges and create a future ready world.

In 2019, we launched The Future Ready World Network, a partnership of forward-thinking organisations who work together on the #GreenerCleanerSaferCommunities Campaign in Cape Town, South Africa – currently in Tokai and Westlake Communities. 

Tokai launched the E-waste collection project where residents are encouraged to bring in their E-waste to Tokai Neighbourd Crime Watch‘s open-office every Wednesday, preventing unecessary E-waste in our landfills.  In Westlake we  introduced the Trash2Treasure Xchange Program with SOUL, enabling marginalised households to swap recyclables for a weekly bag of maize meal.  The Trash2Treasure Program ran successfully for 3 years and is being reviewed to have a greater social impact. 

The #GreenerCleanerSaferCommunities Campaign has taken us a journey into the world of recycling in Cape Town.  We’re exploring how to tap into South Africa’s green economy to create more resilient, greener and future ready communities.

We believe Cape Town’s Green Economy offers a unique chance to drive economic growth and foster inclusivity and social cohesion.  The #GreenerCleanerSaferCommunities Campaign aims to integrate wastepickers into Cape Town’s formal waste economy and promote better waste habits in homes, businesses and communities.

Education about how we can reshape our waste habits.

A CSIR Study reveals 45% of available food supply in South Africa is wasted.

Wastepicker Integration into Cape Town’s formal waste economy.

Weekly E-Waste collection in partnership with Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch.