Our mission is to inspire families and organisations to embrace Regenerative Ubuntu practices and pave the way for thriving lives and vibrant communities.

Our Programs

#R.E.GenerativeSA2030 Campaign

Encouraging healthier consumption and waste disposal practices in  South Africa’s homes, communities and organisations.  Advocating recycling, reducing E-waste, and creating employment opportunities within the Green Economy.

R.E.Generation Goals Program

Reimagining everything in our generation to build a legacy of resilient, thriving citizens and communities.  A series of short stories, games and goals that inspire and motivate us to make small changes in our daily lives, that create big changes in our World.

R.E.Generation Xchange Program

The Xchange Program ensures marginalised individuals can access resources, education and support so they can participate in the R.E.Generation Goals Program.  It ensures no-one is left behind and that everyone can contribute to a regenerative World.