Building a Resilient, Future-Fit South Africa: Together

Xchange Connexion is a social enterprise creating inclusive and future-ready solutions for South Africa.

Solutions for an inclusive, integrated Green Economy in South Africa.

Solutions to foster resilient and future ready citizens in South Africa

Through our #GreenUpSouthAfrica Campaign, we’re rethinking waste management and South Africa’s green economy. 

Our R.E.Generation Goals Program builds community infrastructure to deliver and measure future-fit skills.

Our Campaigns and Projects

#GreenUpSouthAfrica Campaign

We’re on a mission to #GreenUp South Africa, one community at a time, by improving our waste management habits and systems and reducing our consumption of goods that can’t be recycled.

R.E.Generation Goals Program

We’re Reimagining Everything about HOW our generation grows a nation Future-Fit Citizens who work together to find sustainable solutions to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

R.E.Generation Goals Xchange Program 

We’ve partnered with Sharing Our Ubuntu Legacy Western Cape Trust (SOUL) to create the Xchange Program which enables marginalised communities to get involved in the R.E.Generation Goals Program.