Stories That Create a Better World

Stories that will inspire and motivate you to make a difference in our World.

At Xchange Connexion, we believe in storytelling’s power to inspire hope and drive societal change.

Through our series, Stories That Create A Better World, we aim to build empathy, strengthen connections and motivate actions for changemaking impact.

The Bottle Top & The Boy is our first story, reminding us to appreciate the small things, like a bottle top, and recognise their potential for greatness.  It also highlights how our choices and actions can positively affect our lives and the planet through recycling.

The human characters referenced in this story are based on real characters.  The programs referenced in this story are also real and showcase the partnerships Xchange Connexion has been involved in since its inception.

The Boy & The Bottle Top short story retails for R109.  Delivery in Cape Town, South Africa can be arranged.  All other locations will incur a delivery fee.  Email to order your copy.